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Pontiac, Michigan 48341

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Welcome has more than 60 different ministries for you to serve in. Review the list of the available ministries to see if there is one you feel moved to join. You can contact the office with questions about any of the listed ministries.


Academic and Educational Ministry

Ministry leaders:  Dr. Angela Massenberg Brown


Active Technology Ministry

Ministry leaders: Merica Patterson • Kevin Folkes • Ken Jones • Sarah Jones



Ministry leaders:  Sis. Derinda Shaw – Office Manager/Clerk • Freida L. Perkins – Pastor’s Calendar •Sis. Odessa McClellon – Clerk • Sarah Jones - Mobile App



Ministry leaders:  Sis. LaShan Green – President


Announcement Ministry

The Announcement Ministry works to keep the members of Welcome informed of activities and events happening within the church and the community through making announcements at each church service.  Members of the Announcement Ministry also serve as occasional emcees or hosts of church events.

Ministry leaders:  Sis. Sharon El-Shabazz – President • Bro. Kevin McCormick  •  Sis. DeAon Akemon  • Sis. Andrea Hodges • Sis. Anya Harris • Bro. Khalfani Stephens - Alternate •  Sis. Salina Spears • Deaconess Loretta Woodfolk


Athletic Ministry

Ministry leaders:  Deacon James Nelson – Co-Director • Tarlton Smalls



Ministry leaders: Jabari Parker • Justin Howard


Black History Ministry

Welcome’s African American History Ministry seeks to thank God as we honor the long legacy of African American people, events & contributions throughout American history  & even current notables.  We strive to highlight these events and people throughout the year in various ways with our biggest celebration being during the month of February.  We welcome new faces and new ideas.  God has surely been good to us & has brought African Americans from a mighty, mighty long way.

Ministry leader:  Sis. Linda Hamlet – President • Kathern Armstrong


Blooming Ladies in Christ Ministry

The Blooming Ladies in Christ Ministry purpose is to study the Bible and apply it’s teachings to their daily life, to make sound choices, build self-esteem, to mentor & provide positive direction for young ladies, to introduce girls to greater positive options,  provide outlets and contacts,  love,  encourage success and personal growth, generate respect for parents and elders and develop self-confidence.

Ministry leaders:  Alicia Roman


Bookstore Ministry

The Welcome Inspirational Notions Bookstore is located inside the church and provides a large selection of christian-themed books and accessories, all aimed to help customers strengthen their spiritual relationship with God and expand their knowledge of God’s word.

Ministry leaders:  First Lady JoAnn Jones – Manager •  Deaconess Tamara Nelson  •  Sis. Carolyn Price  • Valeria Payne Jackson


Building Committee

The Welcome Building Committee works on issues related to the church’s physical structure and upkeep.

Ministry leaders:  Sis. Linda Hamlet •  Sis. Dorothy Herron  •  Bro. Khalfani Stephens •  Bro. Johnny Jones • Charles McDonald  • Bro. James Butler


Cancer Support Ministry

Ministry leaders:  Sis. Carolyn Price


Catering Ministry

Our Catering Ministry brings smiles to everyone’s face with the tasty recipes they cook up for different Welcome events.  The Catering Ministry contains some of the best cooks around and they never fail to satisfy the hunger of a lot of people when they prepare food for church activities.

Ministry leaders:  Sis. Estella Butler  •  Sis. Gloria Hodge  •  Sis. Barbara Landry • Sis. Ruth Ramsey • Minister Carl Watkins• Sis. Tempye Byrd


Cancer Support Ministry

Ministry : Brad Townsend • Karra Townsend


Civic Ministry

The Civic Ministry works to develop and promote  non-partisan actions and attitudes that will spark  awareness of governmental legislation and events in the effort to advance social participation and a sense of duty within our church and general community.

Ministry leader:  Vernita Duvall – President • Sis. Odessa McClellon • Sis. Barbara Harris  •  Lakita Sims


Christian Education Ministry

The Christian Education Ministry provides additional teaching opportunities through bible study, Sunday School and other small-group learning activities.

Ministry leaders:  Deacon Stanley Gay  • Deacon Deon Metoyer •  Steven Drake - Vice President  •  Deacon Clayton Pirtle – President


Church Custodial Maintenance Ministry

The beautiful church building we have at Welcome requires a lot maintenance and upkeep to preserve its beauty.  Our custodial ministry members are dedicated to keeping the church clean and sparkling.

Ministry leaders:  Deacon Willie Shaw -Director • Emerick Boykins Jr. • Tomas Moreno • Connie Joyner


Daycare Ministry

Welcome has an established, state-licensed daycare facility within the church.  Our qualified staff are dedicated to the successful intellectual development of your child.

Ministry leaders:  Jattera Maign – Director  • Lori Holland


Deacons Ministry

Our Deacons are some of the most upstanding, God-fearing men you’ll find.  Personally selected by Pastor Jones, each Deacon serves the church and its members and performs a variety of duties – both spiritual and practical – in support of the Pastor and the church’s mission.

Ministry leaders:  Howard Cobb – Chairman •  Earnest Cleary – Co-Chairman  • James Nelson - Secretary/Treasurer  •  Aubrey Woodfolk - Director Communications • James Veal • Anthony Toney


Deaconess Ministry

1 Timothy 3:11 – “Even so must their wives be grave, not slanders, sober, faithful in all things.”

The familiar phrase, “Behind every GOOD man is a GREAT woman” is very true when talking about our Deaconess Ministry.  The Deaconess of Welcome are Holy Spirit-filled women of God.  They continually support the entire congregation and keep them uplifted in prayer, in conjunction with the Deacons Ministry, and all under the leadership and direction of our Pastor and First Lady.  Again, the Deaconess specifically rely and focus on prayer by either leading or participating in individual and group prayer, visiting the sick/shut-in, providing support and comfort to bereaved families.  Another important responsibility of the Deaconess Ministry is to ensure that one of our church’s Holy ordinances, the Lord’s Supper, is promptly and lovingly prepared each month.   Most of the Deaconess serve in various other ministries within the church, but still make themselves available to pray for and/or support the other women and children of our Beloved Welcome church family!!

All Praises and Glory to God!!

Ministry leaders: Deaconess Doris Toney- President •  Deaconess Donna Cobb Vice President


Deaf Ministry

Ministry leaders: Deaconess Jacqueline Caldwell



Domestic Violence Ministry

Members of the Domestic Violence Ministry work to inform everyone about the dangers of domestic violence and provide a basis of support for those who are victims of it.  We encourage, comfort, and support individuals within the Welcome family and our general community. We empower our Sisters and Brothers in their quest for Godly relationships.

Ministry leaders:  DeAon Akemon-President  •  Shamone Johnson  • Shirley Neal - 2nd Vice President  • Cornelia Carter - Secretary  •  Myrna Hollis - Treasurer  •  Gloria Cole - Sgt. Arms


Electrician/HVC Ministry

Ministry leaders: Bro.Cleodus Love


Endowment Ministry

Ministry leaders: Bro. Woody Williams


Evangelist Ministry

Evangelists are a special group people who are called to deliver spiritual leadership and support to church members and assist the Pastor in different duties that benefit the church’s members.

Ministry leaders: Dr. June Johnson


Facility/Grounds Ministry

Ministry leaders: Emerick Boykins


Foster Care Ministry

Ministry leaders:• Sis. Lanetta Walker • Mother Dorothy Price


Gideons Ministry/Men & Boys

The Gideon’s Ministry works to mentor, counsel and provide motivation to our teen boys, 14-19 years old. Our focus is to promote spiritual growth by teaching the word of God as it applies to them. We will glorify God in our mind, body and soul. We want to stimulate our teens thinking to pursue higher levels of education, regardless of their current standing. The teens that participate in this ministry want to grow in their relationship with God. Come out and see what everyone else is talking about each Tuesday from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.

Ministry leaders: Deacon Louie Caldwell


Golf Ministry

If you are committed to furthering the education of our youth, this may be the ministry for you.  Welcome’s annual golf outing funds the “Elliott Thompson & Sandra Lee Scholarship Fund” which has assisted students attend college over the last 5 years.  Our signature event is held annually late summer or early fall.

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.  Proverbs 29:17-19

Ministry leaders: Sis. Michael Hall-President • Bro.Melvin Lee-Vice President


Grandparents Ministry

Being a grandparent can be a special time in the lives of both the grandparent and the grandchild.  Our Grandparents Ministry allows you to build relationships with other grandparents and share experiences (and pictures!).

Ministry leader:  Johnnie Turner-President


Greeters Ministry

When you visit Welcome for Sunday services, one of the first people you’ll meet are members of our Greeters Ministry.  These friendly people are available to answer any questions you have about the church and want to make sure you have an experience that leaves a favorable impression on you.

Ministry leaders: Sis. Linda Ware-Vice President • Sis. Doris Hall – Vice President • Sis. Patrice Waterman – Treasurer • Bro. Dell Jones – Secretary


Greeters Ministry

Ministry leaders:  Coming Soon


Health Ministry

Members of the Health Ministry are committed to promoting good health habits and providing information to better educate you about steps you can take to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Ministry leaders:  Earline Dowell - President  •  Dorothy Herron– 1st Vice President • Blanche Teasley – 2nd Vice President


Inspirational Voices

The Inspirational Voices provide a beautiful sonic wall of sound that takes the many spiritual songs you’ve heard and raises them to another level.  Filled with accomplished singers and performers, you will never walk away from a Welcome church service disappointed with songs sung by the choir.

Ministry leaders:  Sis. Carolyn Jennings- President • Monica Lamb-Vice President



Ministry leaders:  Sis. Altronyse Cunningham – President


Kitchen Ministry

Members of our Kitchen Ministry prepare heavenly-smelling meals and treats from within our commercial-grade kitchen using professional equipment.  They work closely with the Catering Ministry to coordinate meal-planning, events, resources and other tasks.

Ministry leaders:  Estelle Butler-Chair  •  Barbara Landry-Co-Chair  •  Gloria Hodge-Co-Chair • Ruth Ramsey-Co-Chair • Minister Carl Watkins-Co-Chair • Tempye Byrd-Co-Chair


Laymen’s Ministry

The purpose of the Laymen Ministry is to equip every boy and man to become a participant in the church as a life- style missionary. Leaders work to inform, motivate and involve boys and men in praying, studying, enlisting, giving, ministering and witnessing in their church. The Laymen meet each 4th Saturday at 10:00 am.

Ministry leaders: Minister Carl Watkins – President • Brother John Rentie – Vice President • Ken Jones – Co-President


Legal Ministry

The Legal Ministry focuses on educating the members about their rights, duties and responsibilities regarding various legal matters. Seminars and workshops are periodically provided on legal matters of general common interest. The membership roster of the Legal Ministry includes experienced and caring attorneys available for confidential and private consultations.

Ministry leaders:  Sis. Tracey L. Richards – President  •  Sis. Lisa Short  •  Sis. Earlene Baggett-Hayes  •  Sis. Summer Parker  • The Honorable Ronda Fowlkes Gross  •  Sis. Ann Parker


Little Davids and Junior Deacons Ministry

The Little David’s Ministry and Junior Deacons Ministry trains boys to be strong socially and spiritually.  This ministry will also work to build character.  They will learn the responsibility of what it means to be a deacon and take on an appropriate level of responsibility for assigned tasks.  These young men are mentored by members of the Deacon’s Board.  We invite boys 7 – 14 years old to join this ministry.

Ministry leaders:   •  Deacon Louie Caldwell – Assistant Director


Lupus/Health Support Ministry

Ministry leaders:  First Lady JoAnn Jones • Deaconess Audra Gross


Marriage Ministry

The Marriage Ministry works to strengthen the relationship of married couples through Bible study, conversation and other activities.  It helps couples build or reinforce their bond with each other with God as the central part of their relationship.

Ministry leaders:  Deacon Ernest Cleary  •  Deaconess Shirley Cleary • Reverend James Hill • Sis. Earline Hill


Men’s Day Ministry

The Men’s Day Ministry conducts a series of events and activities aimed at getting all of the men of Welcome involved.  The signature Men’s Day event is preceded by a week-long series of activities culminating in Men’s Day in the fall.

Ministry leaders:  Bro. Kenneth Bush  •  Bro. Richard Ellsworth  •  Bro. George Humphrey • Bro. Mike Hall • Bro. Ken Jones • Bro. Prather Lanier • Reggie Dixon


Men’s Fellowship Ministry

Ministry leaders:  Bro. Ken Jones – President • Minister Carl Watkins – Vice President • Bro. John Rentie – Vice President


Mighty Men of Welcome Ministry

The Mighty Men of Welcome Ministry is the booming men’s chorus made up of men of Welcome.  This group always brings the crowd to their feet when they minister.  If you’re a man who like to sing (or think you do), this could be the ministry for you.

Ministry leaders:  Calvin Birdett-Director  •  Neil Oliver-Assistant Director


Mime Ministry

Ministry leaders: Nichole Howard - Coordinator


Mission Ministry

The Mission Ministry is one of the core ministries at Welcome.  This group works to spread the power influence of God’s word to receptive souls locally and globally.  The group has programs and activities that help individuals and families in the local Pontiac community, but they also administer programs to help people around the world.  Spreading the gospel and the teachings of Jesus Christ are a primary objective for the Mission Ministry.

Ministry leaders:  Bessie Davis-President •  1st Vice President-Cornelia Crooks  • Rev. Therman Cogdell - Teacher  • Deacon Earnest Cleary - Teacher  • Minister James Cummins - Teacher  • Kattie Renti - Secretary  • Diane Lewis - Treasurer  •  Ruthie Walker - Chaplain


Mobile App

Ministry leaders: Ken Jones • Sarah Jones


Morning Glory Ministry

The Morning Glory Ministry has established themselves as the music ambassadors for the early church crowd.  They are the music ministry for the 8 a.m. Sunday service.  This enthusiastic group brings their own unique sound to Sunday morning services.

Ministry leaders:  Michael Williams-President • Alicia Roman - Vice President


Mothers Ministry

The Mothers Ministry represents the wisdom, commitment and dedication each member of the group exhibits as a woman of God.  They have earned the trust and admiration of Pastor Jones and of every church member.  Members of the Mothers Ministry are seen as the elder “stateswomen” of the church for their long-standing service to the church.

Ministry leaders: Delphine Allums - President • Willie Randall - Vice President


5 - Year Goal Mortgage Committee

Ministry leaders: Kelley Drake  • Alicia Stephens


Music & Arts Ministry

The Music & Arts Ministry is the thread that is woven through many of the activities that happen at Welcome.  That’s because many programs use music and this ministry works to coordinate the use of music for church activities and events.  Whether it be choir selections during regular church service, or special situations where music is necessary, the Music & Arts Ministry works hard to make sure things sound right.

Ministry leaders:  Sis. Tonya Martin – Minister of Music •  Sis. Michelle Johnson – Director of Music  • Demetrius Herrell - Asst. Minister of Music


Network Ministry

Ministry leaders:  Sis. Linda Ware  • Sis. Gloria McDonald



Ministry leaders: Sis. Lori Holland  • Sis. Violet Swazer • Sis. Alexis Nelson


Nurses Ministry

Ministry leaders:  Sis. Deborah Bilbo- President  •  Earl King - 1st Vice President • Sis. Toni Johnson- 2nd Vice President • Norma Carter - Secretary •  Brenda Montgomery - Treasurer •  Marilyn Jewell - Chaplin


Outreach Ministry

The Outreach Ministry was established to maintain contact with those members that have been unable to attend church services as a result of extended illness or personal circumstances.  We make phone calls, send out cards,CD’s and inspirational readings in order to foster spiritual encouragement.

Ministry leaders:  Rev., Therman Cogdell • Tiana Ford


Parent to Parent Ministry

Ministry leaders:  Deaconess Zenet Patten


Pastor’s Care Ministry

The Pastor’s Care Ministry does exactly what their name implies: they take care of our pastor, Pastor Douglas Jones.  The group works to make our pastor’s life easier and simpler by handling tasks as necessary.  The group also organizes several events during the year around special milestones (Pastor’s birthday or pastoral anniversary) to allow all members to show their appreciation for all that Pastor Jones does for the church and the community.

Ministry leaders:  Ann Porterfield – President  •  Deacon Howard Cobb – Vice President •  Lisa Menard – Treasurer / Secretary •  Audra Gross/Donna Cobb – Program



The PATH Ministry (also known as our Prison Ministry) works with incarcerated men and women and provide spiritual guidance, prayer and support as they fulfill their debt society.  When released, the PATH Ministry works to help them reintegrate into society and begin making positive life choices.

Ministry leaders:  Blanche Teasley  •  Deacon Aubrey Woodfolk . Rev. James Hill


Prayer Warriors

Ministry leaders: Welcome Members


Public Relations & Social Media Ministry

Our Public Relations Ministry works to promote the positive things Welcome does in the community and for its members to the news media.

Ministry leaders:  Deaconess Doris Powers-Toney


Rejoice Dancers Ministry

The Rejoice Dancers Ministry uses the powerful combination of music and dance as an expression of faith.  Their riveting and soul-stirring routines minister a strong visual and sonic dose of church that is sure to leave you wanting to see more.

Ministry leaders: Sis. Summer Parker • Sis. Georgina Thompson


Retirees Ministry

If you’re retired after a successful career, you can join our Retirees Ministry.  Gather with other like-minded retirees and discuss a variety of topics relevant to this unique and special group. Retirement probably never looked so appealing!

Ministry leaders:  Sis. Bessie Davis – President  •  Bro. Artiller Carliss – Vice President • Lenetta Walker - Secretary /Treasurer


Scholarship Ministry

Our Scholarship Ministry works to promote a strong academic foundation for the youth that attend Welcome.  The ministry reviews scholarship applications and offers scholarships to high school students entering college or technical school. Scholarships are also available for students already in college.

Ministry leaders:  Mary Stewart  •  Dr. Angela Massenberg Brown • Tarlton Smalls


Security Ministry

Members of the Security Ministry work to make sure the church is always a safe and secure place to worship and enjoy.  During each church service and with each event that happens at Welcome, the Security Ministry ensures that safety is first priority for everyone.

Ministry leader:  Willie Ramsey-President  • Gregory Humphreys – Vice President


Safe Kids/Informed Parents (S.K.I.P.) Ministry

The S.K.I.P. Ministry is established to ensure that, in an ever increasingly unsafe world, the education and awareness of our congregation is significantly heightened to those environments that put our children’s safety at risk.

Our goal is to create a database of information to be securely housed at the church.  If for any reason a child would be missing, all current personal information about that child would be immediately accessed to ensure the most assistance available to law enforcement to expedite the child being located.

Ministry leaders: Deacon Aubrey Woodfolk


S.I.G.N. Ministry

The purpose of the S.I.G.N. (Saints Ignited for God Now) Ministry is to help more Deaf People (and their families) see Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior through evangelism and Christian education and to provide interpretation, for the Deaf, at all spoken events that take place at Welcome Missionary Baptist Church. This includes reaching beyond language to the spiritual and cultural needs of the Deaf and to promote understanding of the need to minister to the “whole Deaf person” not only their communication needs. The S.I.G.N. ministry also provides sign language classes that are open to children and adults who are interested in learning the language.

Ministry leader:  Deaconess Jacquelyn Caldwell


Sunday School Ministry

The Sunday School is built upon the Great Commission given by Jesus in Matthew 28:19,20.  “Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Ghost:  Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.”

Every Sunday between the 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. service, you may join in this active Bible study.  You and your family are invited to be enriched by the Word of God.  Take time to study, discuss, testify and fellowship.  Studying God’s Word will nurture and grow you in your daily Christian walk.  There are classes for all ages.

Ministry leaders:  Deacon Clayton Pirtle – Superintendent  •  Steven Drake – Vice Superintendent


Specially For You Ministry

The day-to-day experience of raising a child with special needs can sometimes be overwhelming. “Specially for You” works to provide information, support and resources to parents and caregivers of children with special needs from a parent of a child with special needs. This ministry also serves as an outlet where parents can share information, resources and celebrate their child’s success with other parents.



Steppers Ministry

Our Steppers Ministry is a group that uses movement and rhythm to express faith and joy.  Taking elements from traditional African dance routines and the precision of the “stepping” routines exhibited by Black Greek organizations at Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) in the early-to-mid 20th century, this group ministers a powerful expression of faith.

Ministry leader:  LaShaun Green- Leader • Summer Parker


System Administration Ministry

The System Administration Ministry is responsible for the technology infrastructure for the church.  Internet, telephony and computer technology are all coordinated by the System Administration Ministry.

Ministry leaders:   Minister Robert Patten


Sound/Audio/Video Ministry

The Tape and Video Ministry coordinates the recording, storage and duplicating of Pastor Jones’ sermons and other events happening at Welcome Missionary Baptist Church.  This group also controls the superior sound system along with the two video display screens on display during church services.

Ministry leaders:  Lead- Antwon Brickley • KwaSean Brown • Parish Bush (Asst.) • Bro. Terrell Stevens   • Bro. Kevin Fowlkes (Director)  • Terrell Stevens • Joshua Turner • Dequan Dean • Nicholas Veal • Zavier Myles



Tour Ministry

If you like to visit travel and visit different places, then our Tour Ministry may be the one for you.  This group organizes and develops trips to different destinations for church members.  The group organizes bus trips, cruises, shopping excursions and other events.

Ministry leaders:  Monica Lamb  •  Dell Jones •  Linda Hamlet


Transportation Ministry

The Transportation Ministry works to make sure that members who need transportation to church service, bible study or any other church event or activity are able to receive it.

Ministry leader: Minister Carl Watkins-President  • Damon Flagg – Vice President • J.C. Madden – Vice President • Anthony Davis (driver) • Bro. Dwayne Broome


Travel Ministry

The Travel Ministry is comprised of those members who share an interest in travel and desire to visit different destinations and learn more about specific locations.  The ministry organizes trips for interested people to a variety of places.

Ministry leaders:  Deaconess Donna Quince-Cobb -Co-Chair  •  Sis. Mary Carthane – Co-Chair


Trustee Ministry

The Trustee Ministry manages the financial affairs of the church and related activities.  Members of the Trustee Ministry are appointed by Pastor Jones and serve at his discretion.

Ministry leaders:  Bro. James Butler – Chairman  •  Sis. Kelley Drake – Vice Chair


United/Singles Ministry

The United: Young Adult Ministry was established with the mission to create an environment of inclusion for Young Adult Christians at Welcome MBC, to obtain support amongst peers while developing spiritually. Although the Ministry mainly focuses on concerns impacting young adults, we understand the importance of community service and outreach, as well as the need for social interaction amongst all members, in order to develop healthy relationships within the church family. As a result, the United: Young Adult Ministry has sponsored and contributed to a plethora of programs and events at Welcome, promoting unity amongst young Christians. We welcome new ideas, and initiatives, and look forward to seeing you at our next meeting: every first Tuesday.

Ministry leaders:  Vernita Duvall


Unspeakable Vessels Ministry

The Unspeakable Vessels Ministry uses the tradition of miming to express themselves and their faith.  Through choreographed routines, the Unspeakable Vessels minister a powerful message through their dance and show of faith to God’s word.

Ministry leaders:  Nichole Howard – Vice President


Ushers Ministry

The Ushers Ministry works silently, but tirelessly within the church to ensure the smooth flow of people traffic during church services.  They also work to provide visitors to Welcome the opportunity to introduce themselves and assist throughout the church when needed.

Ministry leaders:  Nicole Davis – President  •  LaTanya Miles – 1st Vice President/Youth Supervisor • Cleo Love - Head Usher • Margaret Caldwell - Secretary • Arthur Fowlkers - Treasurer •  Annie Outlaw - Chaplain •  Dwayne Barrett - Funeral Coordinator •  Sonya McClellan - Wednesday Night Coordinator •  Iola Adams - Benevolent & Birthday Coordinator


Voices of Praise (Teen/Young Adult Choir)

The Teen Choir Ministry is filled with enthusiastic young people who find great joy in singing and are proud to express their faith through song.  These young people are having a lot of fun serving God through music.

Ministry leaders:   Sis. Tonya Martin • Sis. Michelle Johnson


Web Site Ministry

The Website Ministry is responsible for the design, development and maintenance of the church’s website.

Ministry leaders:  Dr. Merica Patterson


Wedding Ministry

The Wedding Ministry coordinates the use of the church for weddings for soon-to-be-married couples.  It also offers its expertise in planning weddings for couples who need that in preparation for that big day.

Ministry leaders:  Sis. Ann Porterfield – President  •  Sis. Derinda Shaw – Vice President


Willing Workers

Our motto is: “Willing to Serve.”  The role and purpose of the Willing Workers is to aid in the needs and beautification of the church.  We perform a variety of tasks from decorating the church at various seasons and special days, to maintaining interior plants and flowers and keeping the altar and pulpit areas neat.

We also add flowers at Christmas and Resurrection services, Pastor and Church Anniversaries and other special days.

Willing Workers members work with other ministries and members in maintaining the church and keeping it in a clean and acceptable condition.  We are always willing to help our Pastor and church in any way.

We also sponsor and participate in fundraisers for the church.

Ministry leaders:  Sis. Diane Frazier- President  • Sis. Queenie Jones- Vice President


Women’s Bible Fellowship

Ministry leaders:  First Lady JoAnn Jones


Women’s Day Ministry

The Women’s Day Ministry coordinates events and activities throughout the year that are intended to inform, enlighten and motivate women to become closer with God and God’s word.  Their signature event each year is Women’s Day weekend, containing many different events and activities, including well-known speakers to communicate new ideas and possibilities.

Ministry leader:  First Lady JoAnn Jones • Alicia Roman • Jacqulin Watkins


Young Men Making A Difference Ministry

The Young Men Making A Difference (YMMAD) Ministry works to mentor, counsel and provide motivation to young men who attend Welcome as well as those in the Pontiac community.  The men who are a part of this ministry are seeking to stem the tide of violence and poor life decisions often made by young men in urban environments with Biblically-based advice and positive activities.

Ministry leader:  Deacon Curtis Terry •  Bro. John Rentie •  Deacon Louie Caldwell


Youth Choir

Ministry leaders:  Sis. Tonya Martin • Sis. Michelle Johnson


Youth Mimes/Teen Mimes Ministry

The Youth/Teen Mimes Ministry are a group of young people who seek to express the impact of God’s love on their life through dance and music.

Ministry leaders:  Sis. Nichole Howard – Vice President


Youth Ministry

Ministry leaders: Justin Howard – Co-Director  •  Nichole Howard – Co-Director • John Renti


Youth Praise Dancers

Ministry leaders: Sis. Summer Parker



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