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Provide mentoring for young ladies ages 13-18 who are seeking to build self-esteem and exposure to experiences to broaden their horizons and strengthen their Christian walk..




    To be consistent in the program delivery and serve as exemplary MENTORS and role models

    To create a safe and trusting Christian environment for youth to discuss life challenges

    To promote Christian values, behavior, leadership and life style

    To teach the word of GOD and encourage a relationship with Jesus Christ

    To expose youth to experiences that broaden their horizons

    To give exposure to successful professionals and career opportunities

    To create opportunities for youth to discover, celebrate and/or explore their interests and God given talents

    To provide information relative to academic scholarships and other advancement and development opportunities

    To teach life skills and provide knowledge on important health and social issues that impact  youth

    To grow the BLIC Ministry membership by approaching all eligible youth in the Church

    To work with other Church ministries to achieve these goals

    To manage the BLIC Ministry responsibly and abide by all mandates, guidelines and rules set forth by the Pastor and other leadership of the Church






The purpose of the Three Strikes Rule is to minimize talking, playing and interruptions during BLIC Ministry sessions or other on and off-site activities.  It should be understood that once PRAYER begins, and/or the activity starts, the Three Strikes Rule applies.




Action:      If teen is being disruptive, disrespectful or is misbehaving in any way.


Consequence: Remove teen from the group by having them sit in an area separate from the other teens, but where the teen can still participate in all activities.


Once Prayer or the Activity has ended, a Ministry leader will talk to the teen and warn her about the second strike consequence.  The teen should be closely monitored for the duration of the session or activity.




Action:      If teen continues to be disruptive, disrespectful or is misbehaving.


Consequence: Remove the teen from the group and away from the other youth.  There will be no participation in activities.


Once the session or activity has ended, Ministry leaders will discuss the teens behavior.  The youth will be advised of the Third Strike consequence and be made to sit alone if necessary.




Action:      If teen continues to be disruptive, disrespectful or is misbehaving.


Consequences: (Second chance before Strike Three) We do not want to lose any of our youth.  Love and good communication with the teen and parent must be extended. Always give the teen a second chance before Strike Three.




Action:      If teen refuses to stop misbehaving.


Consequences:  Remove the teen from the group.  Request the youth call her


parent(s). Inform the parent of the teen’s behavior and ask if they can arrange to have the youth picked up at the Church.  If not, the teen will be taken home and the parent will be informed that their behavior did not improve.  The parent must then meet with Pastor Jones AND attend the next BLIC session with their teen before the teen may return alone.










    BLIC sessions start promptly on 6:45pm. Teens should strive to arrive to BLIC sessions on time


     Teens should come to sessions prepared to participate in discussions and/or activities


    Teens should be dressed appropriately in Gods house


    No cell phone calling or texting during BLIC sessions


    Teens must show RESPECT for THEMSELVES, their PEERS and AUTHORITY at all times


    No cursing or use of inappropriate language of any sort


    No Talking Back


    No bullying or fighting


    Teens are expected to hold personal comments shared by other teens while in sessions, in the STRICTEST CONFIDENCE.


    Teens are required to respect Church property and adhere to Church rules and etiquette.


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